Our motto is to revive old traditions in combination with new technologies. Our goal is to expand the range of our products.

Starye Traditsii Production Company, LLC, specializes in the manufacture and sale of Belyevskaya pastila and other desserts. Our product range includes not only pastila, but also zephyr, marmalade, and kissel. All candies are made from natural ingredients according to original recipes, with no additives or preservatives being used in the production process.

History of Belyevskaya Pastila

Amvrosy Pavlovich Prokhorov was a Russian merchant who managed to perpetuate his name for centuries. He founded a factory to produce canned vegetables that was later used as a manufacturing site for a traditional Russian dessert known as pastila. The history of Belyevskaya pastila invention has survived to this day thanks to the merchant’s granddaughter Olga Nikolayevna. According to her, one day they cooked too many baked apples for the holiday feast. No one could eat a huge amount of fruit puree, so it was decided to mix it up with whipped egg whites. The mixture was dried for several hours at a temperature of about 90°C. This process resulted in a surprisingly tasty treat having a long shelf life.

The main merit of Ambrosy Pavlovich was not the invention of a unique recipe, since it had been well known in Belyev before (the first mention of pastila dates back to the 19th century), but in the development of innovative drying technology. It was decided to use the heat of smoldering birch logs to maintain the required temperature. This solution made it possible to launch the commercial production of pastila. The story has it that they used to drink tea with pastila before starting a new working day at the factory. Today, Belyevskayapastila is a significant part of the cultural heritage of Tula Region that is well known far beyond its borders.

Why is Belyevskaya Pastila Worth Buying?

Pastila is one of the healthiest desserts in terms of calories. Its nutritional value does not exceed 300 kcal per 100 g. The dessert contains no fats or artificial flavor enhancers. The main components for the production of traditional Belyevskaya pastila are baked Antonovka apples, pectin, whipped egg whites and natural sweeteners (treacle or honey). The following ingredients are usually added by manufacturers to satisfy an extensive diversity of tastes:

  • Currant;
  • Raspberry;
  • Sea buckthorn;
  • Cranberry;
  • Strawberry;
  • Blackberry and other berries.

Theoretically, pastilacan be produced from any apples, but Antonovka apples have a dry matter content of up to 15%, which makes it possible to create a product with excellent flavor properties. Due to the significant content of beneficial trace elements, especially iron, the dosed consumption of pastila contributes to:

  • Normalized digestion;
  • Higher hemoglobin level;
  • Stronger immunity;
  • Elimination of harmful substances from the body.

Apple pastilacan be used for dietary and child nutrition.

Traditional Candies for Everyone

Starye Traditsii Production Company, LLC, offers its customers to buy Belyevskaya pastila on the official website. The benefits of our desserts include:

  • Rich flavor;
  • Use of high-quality raw materials;
  • Affordable priceь;
  • Colorful packaging.

You can order our products not only in Tula, but also in other cities of the Russian Federation. We are looking forward to cooperation and would like to offer:

  • Certified products. We produce our candies using traditional technology. All ready-made desserts are supplied together with quality certificates confirming their compliance with applicable national standards.
  • Pastila suited to every taste. Both traditional dessert variations and fruit novelties with unique flavors (kiwi, orange, lemon, gooseberry, etc.), are available.
  • Natural desserts with a long shelf life. No GMOs or other prohibited additives are used in the production process. At the same time, our desserts can be stored for up to 12 months without losing their consumer properties. Long-term storage of our products is ensured by carefully selected raw materials, prolonged production cycle, and advanced packaging equipment.

Why Are We Trusted?

Our offer is primarily aimed at wholesale customers interested in purchasing high-quality desserts on a permanent basis. All our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Products at competitive prices. Low selling price is the key to successful product sales in your chain stores. Belyevskayapastila is a well-recognized brand, which makes it possible to minimize the cost of promotion.
  • High-quality product to meet the needs of all customers. Apart from the traditional dessert, pastila for kids, vegetarian (lenten) pastila, chocolate-glazed pastila, pastila rolls and bulk (loose) pastila are never out of stock.
New Products
StaryeTraditsii Production Company, LLC, is constantly expanding its product range. Based on the centuries-old traditions of Tula Region and state-of-the-art technologies, we produce original candies to meet the most diverse taste preferences of our clients. Here you can see the new products that are most popular with our customers. Do not hesitate to taste our new candies!
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Belyevskaya Pastila ingredients
  • apple puree
    Antonovka apples are used to produce original Belyevskaya pastila.
  • sugar
    The recipe invented by Amvrosy Ivanovich Prokhorov includes sugar. We follow this tradition!
  • egg whites
    Whipped egg whites provide our pastila with a fluffy texture.
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    Official website of Starye Traditsii, LLC, the manufacturer of Belyevskaya pastila

    Starye Traditsii is a unique example in the history of the Russian confectionery business, since it is a modern and developing company that offers a wide range of high-quality products made according to classical and traditional recipes of Belyev confectioners.

    Our highlight is the development of new sweet products for the Russian confectionery market, and especially the production of pastila, zephyr and marmalade based on natural ingredients.

    Our highlight is the development of new sweet products for the Russian confectionery market, and especially the production of pastila, zephyr and marmalade based on natural ingredients.

    Long-standing traditions of candies carefully kept up by Belyev confectioners, reproduced by our process engineers and combined with advanced batch production technologies make the taste of our pastila unforgettable.